Looking for odd summer fests?

We’ll have plenty of oddities up here to refresh your summer:

Wife-Carrying, Hay-Mowing, Swamp Football, Witch Trials, Pea-Eating…If you’re looking for a festival with a difference this summer, then a visit to Finland must be almost obligatory. After all, when you know you can find formal celebrations of mobile phone throwing, berry picking, crowbar-walking, kissing and wife-carrying, there really can be nowhere else to consider! »Summer Festivals in Finland (via Phil).

Here’s the full list:

Kurikka, 9 to 10 June
Matchmaking Festival (www.hakupaalla.com)

Sonkajärvi, 30 June to 2 July
Wife Carrying World Championships (www.sonkajarvi.fi/?deptid=14952)

Kutemajärvi, 30 June to 1 July
Sex Festival (www.seksifestivaalit.com)

Petäjävesi, 30 June to 1 July
Aquajogging World Championships (www.petajavesi.fi/vesijuoksu/index.htm)

Kesälahti, 1 to 2 July
Salmon Spin Casting Contest and Vendace Market (www.kesalahti.fi/ohjelmat/lohi.html)

Nastola, 1 July
Festival of ”Twangy Guitar” Music (www.rautalankaa.com)

Liminka, 1 July
Hay-mowing world championships (www.liminka.fi)

Pello, 1 to 2 July
Cross-border Finnish-Swedish Wedding Celebrations (www.pello.fi)

Ruovesi, 5 to 9 July
Witch Trials (www.ruovesi.fi)

Hyrynsalmi, 14 to 16 July
Swamp Football World Championships (www.suopotkupallo.fi)

Leivonmäki, 22 July
Floorball (sälibändy) Finnish championships (www.saunalahti.fi/leipyry/suosahly/2006/)

Visuvesi, 22 to 23 July
Kissing Competition (www.ruovesi.fi/kulttuuri/)

Metsäkansa, 29 July
Dances, Strongest Man Competition and Finnish Championships in Pea Eating (www.juva.fi)

Orimattila, 30 July to 5 August
Turncoat Week (www.orimattila.fi)

Heinola, 4 to 5 August
Sauna World Championships (www.heinola.fi)

Tammela, 18 August
World Championships in crowbar walking (www.forssanseutu.fi)

Savonlinna, 19 August
Mobile phone throwing world championships (www.savonlinnafestivals.com)

Seinäjoki, 19 to 20 August
Finnish Championships in rock music football

Suomussalmi, 2 September
Finnish Championships in Berry Picking (www.plaza.kojillismaa.fi)

Please let me know if any of these urls are incorrect – I got them as text from the original and added the link out of cortesy to my visitores.

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