Reputation management

reputaçaoHave you ever googled yourself or do you care how you come up on google? Will it make any difference for you? How about applying for a job, will the recruiters use Google’s aid and will it present you in a bad light or can it help you to get the job? These are questions you might want to consider way before in advance, it will take along time to tell your story to Google. Consider reputation management:

Leonsis — vice chairman of AOL (…) was disappointed to see that whenever he typed his name in Google’s search box, the results were a hodgepodge of news stories.

That didn’t work for him. He wanted to figure out a way to manipulate Google’s complicated search engine to put the information he wanted people to see at the top of his results.


As of Friday, a Google search for “Ted Leonsis” brought his profile from the AOL company Web site, followed by a page from “Ted’s Take” [his blog] and then his biography on the Washington Capitals Web site. [The Washington Post]

For this guy, already a pulic figure a blog was his solution to come on top of results, but that might not work for everybody. or be advisable to everyone (for example, some employers might have prejudice against blogs) but the point here is that you can take action and can influence Google.

Try googling yourself, add specific information such as city, country, profession, company and other details that can be found on your CV. What do you see, do you think others would be happy to meet the “person” they find in the results?
Are you going to do anything about it?

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