Why do I have a feeling that this “company” yritysrekisteri.com (whois) is attempting to scam business owners?

They call asking for the business’ information, to be added to their directory. Just like any other internet directory.
Surprisingly, there’s no sales pitch at the end of the call. She did promised to send the info by mail.

Then they send a letter with the service the business owner ordered, to review.
Why should the business owner have to call or email to refuse the service when he didn’t agree to it in the first place?

The copy was carefully crafted to omit any reference to the purchase. It talks of “our agreement”.
Clearly they know better than to cross the line. They know well how to push it.

And finally they send the invoice.
Why isn’t the number they advertise as “costumer service” out of use? Are they lying? oh, they wouldn’t do that…

The invoice comes with a cold warning that they have outsourced their payments to a debt collection agency.
(You call them to cancel the invoice. “No, we haven’t ordered this service. We aren’t interested, of course not…“)

If this was on b2c this abusive behavior would get the “smart entrepreneur” in trouble with the law. Consumer law is quite protective of their rights. As it is b2b, business owners are on their own.
A few will fall for this, I am afraid.

And why is the local branch of Intrum Justitia serving as a middleman for this sleazy marketing venture? Business is business, “fair play” mere words?

More about yritysrekisteri at sfnet (in finnish).

7 Responses to “Yritysrekisteri.com”

  1. 1 Leila Pitkanen Julho 24, 2007 às 7:48 pm

    Hi, I so agree with you! they did that to me too, and their new protocol is- that if you are twice told the price of their service, you have agreed to buy it and pay for it. It seems to be legal, but it’s not moral. There is only laws to protect consumers, not b2b. I thought, as a new enterpreneur, that this was one of these “african letters”, scam letters that police always warns about and you should ignore, until they too sent a warning about inquiry from Intrum Justitia. I then started sorting this thing and finally agreed to pay them 2 months’ usage and some other payments, about 90 euros total. I also heard that Eniro does this same thing, selling their services in a very immoral style. Now I know which phonebooks (two competitors give each phone books away once a year , to a consumer, that is 2 sets of them every year! what a waste of paper!)i will no more want to have. So this should be a warning to new enterpreneurs about yritysrekisteri.com — to some companies, there is no moral in selling. They will call you and take a lot of time to check your company’s details. After that, they’ll just tell you it’ll cost you about 300 euros with VAT. You should just hang out the phone as fast as possible, if someone like this calls you. That is a piece of advice another enterpreneur and a friend gave me. He had bad experiences about Eniro. Good luck to us, and them..

  2. 2 Reino Pesonen Dezembro 19, 2007 às 8:00 pm

    I agree too, they called me and I sen in phone that I don’t take your service, but they wanted to send me they’re offer and I send that OK send it and if we like it we will call u back… then when I got my wife just cleaned it away from table and I didn’t care about it cause’ I just didn’t want to pay 657,49€ for that crappy service, which I can get free! Then they send me invoice, that u have agreed out terms and now u have to pay! I called them and they said the same, but now they have new trick, they said; “oh, out salesmen didn’t notice that you had a new company and we have special price for new companies for 200 or something €, but we just cant cancel your agreement” What!!?!! So I called police about it and they said that I don’t have to pay anything. So to everyone, just relax they just try to confuse u and get more money!!!

  3. 3 Missa oikeustaju Julho 20, 2008 às 8:21 pm

    Joo varokaa tuota http://www.yritysrekisteri.com palvelua. Yrittävät kusettaa kaikin mahdollisin keinoin. Just tipahti postista maksukehoitus ja lasku yli 600€ vaikka mitään ei ole tilattu.. Ja varoitus perinnästä.. Huh huh.

  4. 4 antónio Julho 20, 2008 às 8:42 pm

    I suggest you call the perintö company ASAP and have them return the bill to “their customer” as it seems to be a “error invoice” on their part 🙂 If you call them review the whole experience beforehand so as to keep your feet; don’t let their experienced sales person raise doubts about what you might have or not done and do not accept to pay for their costs (they’ve offered me to pay a small adm. fee, 30 eur if I recall correctly; at which point I just let out “list lady I am paying no damn thing” and her tone changed all of a sudden (So it was our sales person error? We are very sorry about that..)

  5. 5 jay Julho 29, 2008 às 10:19 pm

    fucking scammers….

  6. 6 Toiminimi Agosto 20, 2008 às 3:59 pm

    Thank’s a lot for this post, man! These guys do a dirty job and I almost got a bill from them today 🙂

    When I said I don’t need it they said: every company registers itself here, so just tell us when you’ll pay – in 2 weeks or in a month!
    Holy shit!

  7. 7 Arttu Manninen Março 8, 2010 às 5:41 pm

    Obrigado pelo este blog! Didn’t read it before, but it confirmed the decision I made on the phone: there’s absolutely no point in paying anything to be in any register that isn’t either governmental or of those two or three biggest that I would use myself.

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