This is what you get if you mess with Benfica, Freedy Adu’s new club

Somehow I missed this one (eh, I live abroad..).
Anyway, this was broadcasted on national news: Benfica’s boss (that’s Freddy Adu new club) sent his gorilla’s to deal with a gentleman who had apparently misbehaved towards in the plane. The gorilla’s surround him at the airport arrival and one of the them was bold enough to hit him in the face in front of everyone to see and… tv cameras. See for yourself, it’s on the first 50 seconds, you can just ignore the rest of the clip if you don’t understand Portuguese:

The gentleman seen in the clip was sent by a rival team to hire Moretto, a goalkeeper that nowadays gives Benfica supporters the headaches on the rare occasion he gets to play, and Benfica’s president Luís Filipe Vieira managed to sneak him at last moment. Leaving from Brazil they had some disagreement, with each other claiming the other one started it, and indeed, this gentleman says he was attacked and has filed a complain with the brazilian police.

Benfica’s president is a self made aggressive bussiness man and this go to show how far he can go in front of the cameras. You have to wonder what he can do behind cameras…

On a related topic, does anyone care to explain why is Freddy Adu moving to Benfica? I acknowledge that Benfica is the only brand in Portugal that would suit him (mainly because of Eusébio’s name and all the glory that they manage to cover themselves with while the country was ruled by the dictatorial regime) but surely someone from his entourage must have foreseen that Benfica is not going anywhere this year.
Benfica has a really weak coach [Ask rival team supporters and almost all of them would admit to rooting for him to stay for a good while 😉 ], 90% of it’s players are just average, nobody expects them to overcome Chamions League second stage and need I say more about their managerial team? Besides portuguese superliga is only followed abroad by the expat community. It can’t be only this, or is it?

4 Responses to “This is what you get if you mess with Benfica, Freedy Adu’s new club”

  1. 1 O do costume Agosto 14, 2007 às 10:04 am

    … jovem, é o novo marquetem desportivo!
    Até um chinês foram buscar, e para quê?

    Agora os mercados maiores estäo cobertos: China, EUA, Brasil. Quem se importa com a Liga dos Cogumelos se se venderem 1 milhäo de camisolas… rosa?

    Ai rapaz… és täo séc. XX! Ainda pensas que no desporto o mais importante é ganhar taças!

    Mas olha: queiram ou näo, o Benfica é o MAIOR clube do Mundo–e eu ajudei a que isso fosse possível. Ai näo sabias que eu participei a dar ideias para a campanha?

    Quero ver quando é que o teu clube de bairro chega aos… vá lá, 100.000 sócios!

  2. 2 aNtónio Agosto 14, 2007 às 6:44 pm

    Porque o foram buscar sei eu. Agora, porque raio ele aceitou. Será que não acredita na sua carreira?

  3. 3 O do costume Agosto 15, 2007 às 10:48 am

    … e porque raio o Simäo Sabrosa foi para o Atlético de Madrid? E o Ricardo para o Sevilha?

    É que para estarem em clubes em que nem sequer ganham o campeonato nacional, quanto mais fazerem figura na Liga dos Gogumelos… ficavam em Portugal!

    Graveto, meu… graveto!

  1. 1 Bolas, acabou-se a farra « Há Mouro na Costa Trackback em Agosto 22, 2007 às 12:40 am

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