How to uninstall VMN toolbar

How annoying this VMN toolbar thing. Every time I disabled it would enable by itself the next time I started IE. Every time I tried VMN toolbar options pages the page reloaded itself before I could uninstall it ; I wounder if that qualifies for Malware.

uninstall vmn toolbar

How to uninstall vmn toolbar

Here’s how to uninstall VMN toolbar:

In IE’s menu under Tools look for Internet Options. Pick the tab “Programs” and click the button “Manage Add-Ons”. It should be somewhere at the botton of the list (it reads VMN TOOLBAR in the left hand column). There’s two entries. Pick one and select Disable from the options bellow. Repeat for the second entry. There you go.

Technically you haven’t uninstalled it but VMN toolbar shouldn’t show up again when you restart IE. I have yet to find how to properly unistall that crap but since I only use IE every once in a while I can’t really be bothered and this will do.

And how did install VMN toolbar? A couple of weeks I downloaded and installed some software from – ACEftp. Guess what, this shady toolbar comes bundled with it and, of course, I did not bother to read the EULA, so trusting am I. Anyway, avoid ACEftp and other ACE stuff, there’s tons of other free alternatives in the market (like Filezilla for ftp).

Searching for “uninstall vmn toolbar” brings up a entry from website announcing that you can uninstall it whenever you want from the options pages. Don’t believe it. Instead take the above instructions and forward it to your friends who might be annoying by this crap. Thank you

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  1. 1 Maquiavel Outubro 28, 2008 às 1:35 pm

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