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A gift for the ladieees…

It’s still friday and I just laughed my head out with his SNL clip. Check it out in case you weren’t one of the 20 000 000 viewers:

“it’s my ______ in the box”

Freudian slips

Ego warning: Stop reading it my disproportionate ego might cause you allergic reactions.

(Female) doctor:

– If you need more medication just ask _____ and she’ll book an apartment for us, an APPOINTMENT, in…

Google Tisp

google toilet logo

Lots of people commenting on Google’s April ( in case you missed it is this free Toilet ISP) and I haven’t seen anyone noticing the self-irony on it: the Beta, yet another project put forward in early stage.

Alexis Kouros vs Finland for Thought

If Kouros had a problem with Finland For Thought now he issue is totally blown out of proportion. Phil is calling Alexis Kouros a liar for getting back at him through Google supposedly “on behalf” of Yle, Stt, kepa and other companies. It turns out that at least one such company did not request Alexis’ “services”.. Alexis runs 6d, the main english magazine in Finland, mainly funded by public money, and had previously been the subject of posts on FfF such as “Alexis Kouros harasses ex-employees” (n.3 on Google for his name….), criticized for his anti-american propaganda and his conservative attitudes… Should be fun to follow 🙂

Upgrading to Windows Vista?

Oh, wait a second….

So if you design a new security system, you can’t get it supported in Windows Vista until well-known computer security experts like MGM, 20th Century-Fox, and Disney give you the go-ahead (this gives a whole new meaning to the term “Mickey-Mouse security”). It’s absolutely astonishing to find paragraphs like this in what are supposed to be Windows technical documents, since it gives Hollywood studios veto rights over Windows security mechanisms.

A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection by Peter Gutmann

Jobs for the boys and gals

There’s not much one can add to this gloomy article from yle:

Well educated foreigners find it very difficult to find jobs in Finland that take advantage of their training. Unemployment among immigrants is three times as high as among the general population.

Even though legal barriers to immigration and employment have fallen, real job opportunities for non-Finns often fade because of sufficient fluency in the Finnish language.

Around 100 000 foreigners reside permanently in Finland. Approximately one of three is unemployed. What even that grim statistic does not show is how many immigrants that do have jobs are employed at tasks below their level of education and skills.

The situation is brightest in technical fields, especially in information technologies, where the working language is often English. In most cases, however, immigrants get jobs in less skilled fields where there is the greatest need for labour.

Source: YLEnews

Coisas que um gajo de 6’3″ não se dá necessariamente conta

A new study from the University of Essex analysed speed-dating sessions, and found that every extra inch of height a man has over his fellow Romeos correlates to an increase in the number of women who want to be introduced to him of 5 per cent.

How I learnt to walk tall at 5ft 5in -Times Online

[via maradona]

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